100 Free Foreign Language Classes

Everytime, I decide to learn a language and I feel I can really learn it. However, after one or two attempts, I assure myselft that I cannot do it without a language course… You know, if you’re already working somewhere and you have tens of other things to do, going to a couse every weekend is kind of hard. First 2-3 weeks are good but then you just can’t manage all the work… So, I found a great collection of website that teach a language online… 

I will try them one by one, so if you also try, please leave a comment so that we just don’t lose any more time! 🙂

Here are the list for French, German & Spanish. You can click the link at the bottom to see other languages.



  1. BBC Languages French. Beginners and intermediate French students can find a wealth of lessons and activities here.
  2. The French Tutorial. Select the standard edition of this class to get free access to 13 chapters of lessons and over 200 audio files to help you learn French.
  3. Français Interactif!. This course from the University of Texas provides lessons, audio, video, vocabulary, and more based on a summer program in Lyon, France.
  4. French I. From MIT, this beginning French class focuses on vocabulary and grammar.
  5. French II. The second class of the French courses offered at MIT is here with even more French lesson fun.
  6. Introduction to French Culture. Be sure you already have a working knowledge of French before starting this course that covers French culture and society since the Revolution.
  7. French I and II. Carnegie Mellon offers French I and French II here. Each course takes approximately 15 weeks to complete and includes the basics to learn French speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.
  8. French: Ouverture. Audio, video, and printed materials will help you learn French from this course that explores the French people on vacation.
  9. French: Le quatorze juillet. Following from the prior course, this one takes a look at the history and current celebration of Bastille Day.
  10. French: En ville. This intermediate French class will help you learn all you might need to know to navigate around a French town.
  11. French: Bien dans sa peau. Learn French while exploring what it means to keep your mind and body healthy in this intermediate class.


  1. Learn Spanish. Sign up for a free membership here to get a ton of great tools and activities to help your Spanish lessons take off.
  2. BBC Languages Spanish. Learn beginning Spanish, find out about cool Spanish language, test yourself, and complete crosswords in Spanish.
  3. Spanish Language and Culture with Barbara Kuczun Nelson. Get nine study modules plus plenty of other activities to help learn Spanish here.
  4. Spanish 1. If you are starting from the beginning with no knowledge of Spanish, then this is a great place to begin. This course from MIT is based on 26 half-hour video lessons.
  5. Spanish 2. Continue with the video-based lessons that will strengthen your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  6. Spanish III. This intermediate-level class has students participating in a variety of different activities to enhance their Spanish language skills.
  7. Spanish 4. Examine social, political, and cultural issues of Spanish-speaking communities around the world while you continue to learn Spanish.
  8. Oral Communication in Spanish. This second-year intermediate course from MIT asks students to practice their Spanish through watching Spanish-language films, writing Spanish journal entries, and preparing for a simulated trial.
  9. Spanish Conversation and Composition. Continue with this third-year intermediate Spanish course that features three group projects as well as viewing of films and readings of plays and short stories.
  10. Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition: Perspectives on Technology and Culture. This course, taught in Spanish, explores the impact of technology on a variety of cultural and societal issues in Hispanic societies.
  11. Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature. Study important works from 20th century Spanish and Latin American literature in this class that requires all reading and writing be done in Spanish.
  12. Twentieth and Twentyfirst-Century Spanish American Literature. Explore a variety of forms of literature and film from modern Spanish American sources in this class that is conducted in Spanish.


  1. BBC Languages German. This beginner’s course offers weekly tips, a phrase of the day, quizzes, stories, grammar help, and more.
  2. Deutsch Interaktiv. Whether you know a little German or none at all, this free course is just right for you.
  3. Learn German Online. This site offers 10 lessons for beginners and 24 lessons for students with more advanced German knowledge as well as other resources to help you learn German.
  4. German I. From MIT, this is the first in a series of courses that starts out with an introduction to German culture as well as the language.
  5. German II. Keep learning German in the second class that provides more vocabulary and grammar practice.
  6. German III. Speaking, reading, listening, and writing are emphasized in the third of this series from MIT.
  7. German IV. Students will continue their German language lessons by studying both literary texts and contemporary media texts.
  8. Germany Today: Intensive Study of German Language & Culture. This course from MIT is designed for students who plan to work or live in German and provides many opportunities to strengthen German language skills while learning about the culture.
  9. German: Lebensumstände. This intermediate-level German class explores the German family while emphasizing speaking, reading, and writing.
  10. German: Regionen, Traditionen und Geschichte. Explore German cultures, including their history and politics, while studying the German language in this advanced class.

For other languages, click here.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Reblogged this on i talk you talk…languages and commented:
    A comprehensive list of language courses. I think I’ll work through the French ones over the weekend!


  2. Thanks for posting this! The internet sure makes learning languages a hell of a lot easier than it was during my school days.
    I have a addition for the Spanish list: http://www.spanishpodcast.org/
    It has dialogues (with transcripts) of purely conversational Spanish, full of expressions and vocab essential for understanding the colloquial Spanish of Spain. (Not so useful if your focus is on Latin American Spanish). I wish I had found this website a lot earlier, I tell you. If you want to participate in Spanish social life, this is one of the most useful (free) resources out there.
    I have some more excellent resource suggestions re. colloquial/conversational Peninsulan Spanish, but there is a subscription fee (well worth it!). If anyone’s interested, I’m happy to pass on the info (and no, I’m not selling any of these services, I’m just a deliriously happy customer).


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