Making Sure Brand Messages Aren’t Lost In Translation (Part #3)

And the last part of the article by Elizabeth Elting who is the co-founder of TransPerfect Company. Crain’s New York Business has ranked TransPerfect as one of the largest privately held companies, as well as one of the largest women-owned companies, seven years in a row. This article focuses on the quality website translation, localization and international search engine optimization (ISEO). It is a pretty long article but we would like to publish part by part.

Principle #3: Prospects want choice in all matters, including language.

Any business pursuing customers online must consider the linguistic reality of the marketplace, even domestically. The latest American census results contained some important data for marketers.The fastest growing segments in the U.S. are minorities, including Spanish-speaking residents. There is a largely untapped domestic market that is waiting for e-businesses to meet its needs with greater choice in multi-language content.At home and abroad, businesses should extend choice in language preference. Depending on the country, any given website visitor might prefer French over English or Arabic over Spanish or any number of other possibilities. Don’t guess which language might be best. Instead, offer a language menu to reduce visitor frustration and increase the site’s effectiveness.

Making the most of social media around the world

The Web and evolving social media platforms make it easier than ever to reach customers in virtually any market. However, that easy access should not lull businesses into cutting corners as they localize their brand messages. Automated translation might be a quick, inexpensive way to launch global efforts, but for measurable return on investment and successful customer relationship building, follow the principles of smart ISEO.

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  1. I just wanted to say, I literally enjoyed your blog post and I added your link to my wordpress blog today as a recommended site. This is the blog I was finding for! Thanks


    • Thank you Keeley!
      We are just trying to collect good articles and make it easy to see them all in one blog. Soon, we will publish our own articles, too. Thank you for your contribution with your good comments.



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