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For the Words That are on the Tip of Your Tongue!

Sometimes you know the concept of a word but you just cannot find the exact word. You know how a word starts and ends but you just cannot utter it. You know the word/phrase contains, let’s say, “free” but it just does not come to your mind… These all happen to me a lot… No more! I have just discovered this wonderful website:!

Traditional dictionaries do not find all the words that are related to a certain concept but onelook does. It has too many options that I cannot explain them all here. The only thing I can say it will enrich my translations and it will help me tremendously while playing Scrabble because you can write like: “A word begins with “th” and ends with “ing”. There are four missing letters and you just type “????” instead of them:

Or if you want to find related words with “guitar”. All you need to do is writing “*:guitar” in the search box. You can also click on the search results to see the meaning:

You can do many more actions than these two:

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