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Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation

There are endless ways teaching English to school children. My elder sister is an English teacher in a primary school and I am surprised when I see different practices and technologies of teaching. When I was in primary school, we used to memorize songs to recall vocabulary etc. Now everything is different and easy.

Anyway, I came across a post on internet. It is another way to teach some certain terms like gerund, infinitve and modifier. I want to thank Eric Auld for this great post. I hope it just leaves a smile on your face after reading. If you teach English, you can also use it! Here you go:


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When Your Tongue Slips… :)

Today, I want to give an example of a so-called “slip of the tongue”. But get ready! It is a very funny story.

Do you know anything about the Ottoman Empire? Well, okay it was one of the biggest empires of the world until WWI (after WWI, it is Turkey). However, the situation was not like that when we go back to the 16th century. There was a “Sultan” called Suleiman, the Magnificent. He is quite famous for his laws and bureaucracy.

A few years ago, the wife of one of the Turkish presidents visited the UK on the occasion of an exhibition about Suleiman. She gave a speech in front of many important people including Lady Diana and she did not use an interpreter. While everything was going well, her tongue kind of slipped and she said “Suleiman, the love maker” instead of “Suleiman, the law maker”.

It was reported that Lady Diana could not help herself laughing! Yeah, well… I guess this is one of the top examples that any Turkish citizen can recall when it comes to the slip of the tongue!

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