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New Discovery For Language Lovers: Pronunciator!

Learning a language requires many things. After grasping the basic grammer, you have to learn many new words. Without the knowledge of a proper vocabulary, you are doomed to use dictionaries all the time, which makes it almost impossible to talk with a native speaker or to read a newspaper/book in the target language. The more words you know, the faster you talk or read. However, grammer and vocabulary together are not enough. You also need to listen and hear the exact pronunciaions.

Today, I was translating a text about Japanese poetry and I had to explain many Japanese terms in Turkish (the source text was English). In the source text, there was some Japanese text written in Latin alphabet. I wondered about their pronunciations and so I discovered this website. It is not that comprehensive, but it is quite satisfying for beginners. The url is:!

There are 30 million lessons in 60 different languages on this website. It shows the image of the word and you also hear the exact pronunciation.

This website can relax you in your leisure time. Moreover, it may also satisfy your language curiosity to a certain extent.

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Do You Know the Difference Phonetic and Phonemic Alphabets?


Well, this term I got many courses on Linguistic and I guess I finally learn the difference between phonemic and phonetic alphabet. You can always find the scientific explanation on internet but for those who do not want a detailed and complex explanation, I will try to tell the difference  briefly.

IPA, International Phonetic Alphabet, is the set of phones that mostly define the way we pronounce words. They are different from the regular alphabet because most of the times, our alphabets contain less sounds than we actually utter. Phonetic alphabet has more sounds. I’m sure you are confused many times about the weird signs that appear following the word that you are looking up. These are the phonetic signs. For example: /ˈdɪk.ʃən.ər.i/= dictionary. As you can see, there are different signs that we are not familiar with.

On the other hand, Phonemic Alphabet includes more and more sounds compared to Phonetic Alphabet because phonemes are little sounds that mostly appears in different dialects. That’s to say, phonemes are the different pronunciations of the same phones.

There is one major difference between these 2 alphabets. Mistakes related to Phonetic Alphabet create meaning difference but mistakes related to Phonemic Alphabet do not create any meaning difference. I will explain this with an example.

kin= /kɪn/ vs king= /kɪŋ/

Here, there is only one phone is different but if we use them interchangably, it means totally different things.

lull = [lʌɫ]

In this word, there is a different pronunciation of “L”. Try to pronounce this word aloud. You will see that you say the first and and the last “L” in a different way. This is phonemic because even if you say these two “L”s in the same way, it does not create any meaning difference.

As a last remark, the phonetic transcriptions are shown between /…/ but phonemic transcriptions are shown between […].

I hope my little knowledge on linguistics is helpful for you.

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