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Never Enough Books

This month when I saw my credit card bill, I was totally shocked because it was far too much then I expected. Then I went over each and every payment and I realized that half of them was bookstores and online book sellers. 🙂 As my father says, the money that you spend on books and food is never  pointless. 🙂 However, it is also not good to buy more than books that you can read in one month. So, this month I am determined not to buy any new books and finish the ones I bought last month.

You might be wondering why I’m telling this. Last week I’ve read a post about book love and I kind of justified myself with this post. Here are some beautiful quotes about books by the writers themselves!

I’ve picked the ones I like most, you can always click the link at the bottom to see the original post and many more quotes…








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Top 10 Most Read Books in the World

Can we say these books are the best? It is such a personal issue that I want your opinion. What would 3 best books be for you? Share your ideas here or Facebook.

How many of these books you have read so far?

You Should Read These Books Just in Two Months!


Have you seen this project? If you do not read these books in 2 months, the words and sentences just fade away! So you have to read them right after you buy. It aims to increase the rate of reading books; however, I do not quite like it. I love collecting books and form my own library. It is a kind of legacy and I want my children to read the books I bought from New York, Virginia, Belgium or France… I know this feeling and it feels good 🙂 I, myself, have inherited many books from my grandad. I love even their smell. So in short term, this project is quite interesting but it is not for such big fans of books- like all the translators out there 🙂

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