A Helpful Youtube Channel for Non-Native Speakers: Pronunciation Hub

You know Turkish is an agglutinating language and the suffixes are added to the end of the words. For this reason, you should be acquainted with foreign pronunciations to be able to add the right kind of suffix since the vowels of the suffix change according to the phonetic of the word! 🙂 I know it is crazy and confusing but don’t panic!

The other day, I was looking for the exact pronunciation of “Beyonce” because I needed to add some suffix after the name in a document. I googled it and I stumbled upon this helpful Youtube channel: Pronunciation Hub!

This channel is helpful not only for non-native speakers but for the native speakers as well because some celebrity names are quite— challenging! 🙂

Anyway, you can just subscribe to this channel; who knows, you may need it one day! 🙂

Here is another challenging one! 🙂

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