New “Londoner” Meanings

I’ve seen this funny list on Buzzfeed the other day. Last year, I posted “New Meanings for Old Words” post. This time, I found the version of “Londoner”!

Actually, most of the words on this list applies to all big metropolitan cities. You’ll see what I mean! 🙂

These are the ones I liked most. You can always read the whole list by clicking the link at the bottom! 🙂




Used to mean: A journey to work, often driving through quiet roads, or maybe a quick walk through town.
Now means: A vicious crusade through an urban hellscape, with detours into subterranean metal canisters stuffed with people and sweat.



Used to mean: The process by which you find a new flat.
Now means: The process by which you are humiliated, broken, terrified, exploited, and then you find a new flat.



Used to mean: The meal you carefully prepared in the evening.
Now means: Either what you spend too much on after a quick drink late at night, or something jammed together from random foods in the fridge because you can’t be bothered to shop.



Used to mean: No noise.
Now means: The sound-sucking vacuum that exists on the tube every morning, despite the presence of hundreds of people. There is nothing quieter. Monks visit it when they need a break from the racket at the monastery.



Used to mean: The part of your wages that goes on having somewhere nice to live.
Now means: The part of your wages that goes on having absolutely anywhere to live, and leaves roughly enough for you to survive on stale bread for a month.



Used to mean: A pleasant morning drink.
Now means: Mandatory life fuel.



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