Translation Gifs

I love gifs, especially the ones with a clever and witty captions. 🙂 You just take a 2-seconds of a video out of its context and write a new caption and give a new meaning to it. It is just genius. 🙂

And, I’m sure you’ll love these ones much more because they are all about translation! You just experience them like everyday and I’m quite sure you’ll feel very close to them. This is a tumblr account and I’ve already bookmarked it! You can also send your own memes and they just publish them…

Here, I chose some of them that I feel very close. 🙂 The captions are under the gifs. You can follow the blog here:


When the client sends an updated text after I started translating it


When another translator points out an error on my work


When I see Machine Translated text


When the CAT tool crashes without saving my data first


Here, translate this for 5 euros a page


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