Duolingo Introduces Gamified Virtual Store

When I checked the apps and games in my smart phone, I realized that most of them are about trivia on facts, words and books. When I install a game, the first question coming to my mind is “What will I learn from it?” With this in mind, I want to do something good whenever I “waste” my time with my smartphone. 🙂 I wrote the verb “waste” in quotation because I’m sure we always have something better to do than spending so much time looking at a small screen.

Anyways, here is a good news for those who think like me:

Free language learning platform Duolingo has launched an updated version of its iOS app, introducing a virtual store and a language coach, as it seeks to further engage its users and keep them using the app.

The virtual store features additions to help further engage Duolingo users by letting them purchase virtual items to customize their experience with its new virtual currency “Lingots,” which users can earn by achieving certain milestones in Duolingo.

The language coach, which comes in the form of Duolingo’s mascot Duo the owl, acts as a personal tutor to help users stay on track with goals they have set, helping ensure that they are continually engaged and active on the app.



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