Maps Explaining the World

All these years, I see that people who are interested in languages are also interested in almost every topic in the world. 🙂 Especially those related to foreign cultures are the top… We are curious about their languages, cultures, religions, rituals, traditions, law systems, education systems, attitudes… You see, almost anything but we have a reason to be like that since translating a languages is equal to translating a culture… Without knowing anything, the translation process is just poor and many times results in mistakes.

2 days ago, my friend shared a post by Washington Post. It was about the maps of the world- yeah I know you are excited. 🙂

Well, the original post contains 40 different maps explaining the world in a different way. Here, I’ve chosen the ones in which I think you will be interested most.


Where people are the most and least welcoming to foreigners


Major religions


Where people are the most and least emotional


Where people feel the most and least loved


The most and least ethnically diverse countries


Legal systems




The source:

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