Real-time Translation Service by Google

android_speech-580-75Maybe you’ve heard of it but 3 days ago, Google announced that a real-time translator is on its way- and it is for mobile!

Of course the concern of this tool is not “perfect translation” but to give at least the gist of any speech real-time, on the phone.

I don’t wanna make it longer and I’ll give you the details of the article which was published at


Google has its sights set on the future with projects likeGoogle Fiber and Google Glass, and now it’s adding real time voice-to-voice translation to that list as well.

Google’s Vice President of Android Hugo Barra said this week that Google is now in the early stages of creating real-time translation software that it hopes to perfect within the next “several years,” according to The UK Times.

The company already has prototype phones that can translate speech in real time, so that a user speaks into the device in one language and the person on the other end hears it in a different one, like the fictional Babel fish in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” or the TARDIS in “Doctor Who.”

“That is where we’re headed,” Barra told the publication. “We’ve got tons of prototypes of that sort of interaction, and I’ve played with it every other week to see how much progress we’ve made.”

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  1. “I’ve played with it every other week to see how much progress we’ve made” – now that’s a very serious approach to “perfecting” it…


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