This Pen Vibrates When You Make a Mistake!

I love writing. I don’t mean typing- but writing with a pen or pencil. That’s why I am in love with beautiful mini notebooks and colorful Stabilo pens! I love taking notes and trying different pens to find the ultimate one. 🙂

And I know that it is just not me. Almost all of my colleagues who are translators love the smell of the notebook and the scratch of the pen. Instead of using our tablets, we prefer writing and we always carry a notebook in our bags. 🙂 However, this traditional habit has some drawbacks. We have been using computer for so long that I almost forgot the spelling of certain words! Yes, it is true. We are so accustomed to the auto-correction that we just type the words and we know that “something” will underline and correct it.

Here is the good news! Lernstift is a pen that vibrates when you make a spelling mistake! 🙂 It is a great tool for language learners or simply for kids… Let’s see how it works:

Lernstift is packed with sophisticated tech that recognizes all writing movements and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake – with an unmistakable vibration.

For centuries mankind has been learning to write. All that time, we used to depend on someone to look over our shoulder or correct spelling, grammar and form afterwards.
In the future we can get our feedback another way – and more importantly: instantly! With Lernstift. It combines a time-tested writing utensil with state of the art technology and thereby gives writing by hand new relevance and appeal in the age of iPad & Co.
The integrated electronics recognize mistakes as they are being made and give the writer a respective feedback by vibrating. In other words:

Lernstift is a great way to learn how to write faster. And what’s more: Lernstift is great fun, too!

For more information, watch the German video or visit the website! 🙂

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