Don’t Turn a Deaf Ear to This Post :)

Have you ever thought about the idioms related to the ear? There are many. 🙂 Some of them are quite interesting, and it is almost impossible to guess the meaning if you are not a native speaker. Here are the ones you should know. Feel free to add more! 🙂


all ears

– eager to hear something, very attentive

assault the ears

– to be very loud or persistent

believe one`s ears

– to believe what one is hearing, to become sure of something

bend (someone’s) ear

-to talk to someone (usually in an annoying or persistent manner)

ears are burning

– someone is talking about you when you are not there

ears are ringing

– one hears a ringing sound because of a very loud sound

ears become red

– one’s ears become red from embarrassment

fall on deaf ears

-to have one’s talk or ideas ignored by the person that they are intended for

flea in (someone`s) ear

– a severe scolding, an idea or answer that is not welcome

give (someone) an earful

-to talk to someone in order to criticize or complain about something

grin from ear to ear

– to have a big grin on one’s face

have an ear for (something)

– to have the ability to learn music or languages

have nothing between the ears

– to be stupid, to have no brains or intelligence

have one’s ear to the ground

– to listen carefully because you want to get advance warning of something

have (someone’s) ear

-to be able to get someone to listen to you (usually someone who has the power or ability to help you)

in one ear and out the other

-a piece of information is heard and then quickly forgotten

listen to (someone) with half an ear

– to not listen carefully to someone

make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

– to create something of value out of something of no value

out of earshot

– too far from a sound or voice to hear it

out on one’s ear

– to be forced to (unwillingly) leave one’s job or organization or home

play it by ear

– to decide what to do in a certain situation when you are already involved in the situation, to not plan in advance for something, to improvise

put a bug in (someone`s) ear

– to give someone an idea

smile from ear to ear

– to have a big smile on one’s face

talk (someone’s) ear off

– to talk to someone and bore him or her

turn a deaf ear to (someone)

– to pretend not to hear someone, to not pay attention to someone

wet behind the ears

– to be young and inexperienced, to be new in a job or place



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2 responses to this post.

  1. A nice collection, indeed. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Posted by hazal on October 3, 2012 at 22:01

    “cock one’s ear” : (of a person) listen attentively to or for something (from Oxford Online Dictionary

    “make a pig’s ear of” : to do something very badly (the free dictionary)


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