Top 10 Common CV Mistakes

I think the interview is the vital part to get a job; however, if you do not have a proper CV, you may not have the chance to be interviewed at all 🙂 Recently, I have discovered a very funny infographic explaining the most common CV mistakes in a hilarious way! The creator of this colorful infographic is They highlight very important points that all of us should pay attention as translators/interpreters because CVs are the basic images of you and your work experiences. Here is how we can avoid little mistakes that may affect our future career:

1-      Spelling Mistakes: Everybody is under the risk of making spelling mistakes- even if you use a language well.

2-      Typos: Let’s blame it on the keyboard and double check what we write!

3-      Lack of Specifics: Do not generalize what your job is- go into details as much as possible!

4-      Leaving out Important Information: You should provide every communication channel you have!

5-      Visually Too Cluttered: There are hundreds of good CV examples on internet. Keep it simple and tidy!

6-      Incorrect Contact Information: This may explain why no employers call you back!

7-      Layout, Design and Content Mistake: Getting a job is a serious milestone of your life, so your CV should be more or less formal!

8-      Lies: Do not lie because if you get the job, your employer may be dissappointed with you!

9-      Irrelevant Info: Nobody is interested in your phobias or irrelevant abilities!

10-   Mentioning Why You Have Left Your Current Job: It may create some misunderstandings. Just leave it in the past!

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5 responses to this post.

  1. I agree with everything! Who wouldn’t? Only: it’s not funny without funny examples. Nor is it especially revealing, in my opinion.


  2. Posted by eos on May 14, 2012 at 15:22

    title misleading…. not funny at all. this are just common mistakes


  3. Posted by Anahi Pari-di-Monriva on May 21, 2012 at 02:13

    Yes, I agree with the above posts. If the title says Top Ten Funny mistakes, it should give the examples of the points…and they should be funny. It is a very important topic, and timely considering many university students graduate at this time of year, but the examples are trite, and don’t provide a solution. Best way to write an article: 1 state the problem 2 give examples and 3 provide a solution! Normally, though, love your blog, and so will be back!


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