After Reading This, Take a Little Break

We, as the computer community- or whatever you call it, do not know how to take a break! Between translations or computer-based tasks, we directly go and sign in Facebook or Twitter, we read blogs or watching some videos. This just cannot be a break because what makes you tired is the computer itself. It is very important to comfort ourselves with another way other than social media, otherwise our performance gets poorer after a couple of hours. Just think about the system when you were a primary school student. In Turkey, there is at least a 10 mins break after a 40 mins lecture in primary and high school (in university, it is completely up to the professor though). I guess, this period is defined by the scientists. Anyway, to cut it short, I found a good article by SDE Translation, telling the importance of taking breaks regularly. I also want to thank the auther for this wonderful article. I paste the parts that I find most interesting. You can always read the whole article by clicking the link at the bottom:

– … And then there comes the odd “tired day”. These are days when I  just feel like I can’t achieve much and just want to doze off. “I’m really too tired to work but this translation has to be done by such and such date, so if I rest now, I’ll never finish on time.” Many of us probably understand the feeling.

– Then there are the financial needs and worries. “I’ll never be able to pay this or this or that if I allow myself to take a break!”

– he work I force myself to do when I’m tired is of alesser quality, less creative, and is produced slower than when I’m rested. Moreover, I’m not as good at noticing details, not as sharp when I’m tired.

–  I quickly saw the benefit of focusing on people for a while, and letting my body and my brain relax and take it easy.

–  Life pass by very fast when you’re busy and if you don’t make time to think about priorities, you might wake up one day wondering where it has all gone. I work to live, not the other way round. I love my job and I work hard, but I also know there’s more to life than being stuck in front of an LCD screen typing away on a keyboard.

–  It has happened to me that after working several hours on a text, I took a break and after the break I could notice big mistakes right away that I hadn’t seen before. Sometimes I can be stuck on a word or expression and after getting away for a while, I have better ideas and can solve problems more quickly.

– By taking a break, I don’t mean going on Facebook or Twitter, reading blogs or answering emails, but shifting attention. Doing something else, completely different by getting away from the computer.

– Try not to eat too many sweets, cakes, biscuits, crisps and the like (That is actually challenging for me) during your breaks but eat fruits and veggies instead, it’s brain food.

– If you can, go somewhere for the week-end, or a week, or more, during which you focus on people and don’t think about work. You’ll feel even more motivated and inspired when you come back!

For the rest of the article, click here.

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