Funniest Sign Language Interpreter

Although it is not “verbal” interpreting, this is a very funny video about sign language interpreting. It is also ironic in a way.

Many people who know two languages may think that interpreting is quite easy and interpreters do not need to put so much effort in their jobs. However, interpreters are like students; they have to do their homework before the conferences and meetings. They have to study terminology and the subject in general. That’s why they have a general knowledge of everything that they interpreted once 🙂

In this video, there is a similar situation. The guy who is trying to interpret what the woman says probably thinks that sign language interpreting is as easy as making some gestures. However, I am sure it requires great effort and study since body language is completely different from verbal languages.

I expect your comments after the video, especially the ones who are trained in sign language interpreting 🙂

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  1. Funny! I´d love to see Mr. Bean do that also…


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