No More Verb Conjugation Confusion

The other day, I was posting a comment on Facebook and I need to use the past participle of “level”. I first spelt it as “levelled” but I knew something was wrong with it. I googled and during my search, I have discovered this great website: I put a bookmark immediately because the conjugation of some verbs can be really confusing, especially irregular ones. We all learned them in primary school or in high school but when you do not use them in a certain period of time; you may just forget how to conjugate them.

We, as translators, should be extra-careful about such issues because misspellings always leave a negative impression about your English or your writing skills. (By the way, I do not even compare English conjugation with French or Spanish, that would be unfair!) To prevent the minor spelling mistakes about conjugation, you can use this web site which is free and comprehensive enough. It also includes many phrasal verbs. I want to share the short and pretty story of this web site also (you can find this on the web site as well):

“We’re a family of a father, a mother and three daughters.

I was reviewing my daughters’ homework. We browsed, looking for a good, fast, and efficient conjugation website. A waste of time. We did not find what we wanted. Nothing satisfactory.
No website we would want to bookmark or refer to on a regular basis.

So I told my daughters:
“Let’s just create the conjugation website we’re looking for. You belong to the Internet generation that has not known the World without the Wide Web, so you help me with the design of the site. I’ll sort out the technical issues and build a site that is very easy and friendly to use.”

Easier said than done.”

I can suggest WordReference for other languages about the conjugation issue.

To read more and to discover the web site, click here.

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  1. Very good! Congratulations on your efforts. This is a site that could become extremely valuable…. I hope it grows and reaches the potential it shows. Fantastic idea.


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