Internet Slang FTW!

ROTFL, LOL, ASAP, FTW, WUU2, OMG and many many more. It has even its own dictionary. Internet slang is practical to use but hard to understand 🙂 When I was in primary school, I used to try come up with my own kind of language so that my mom could not read it at all. I tried to shorten the words but I just could not memorize my own abbreviations and I gave up. Today, internet slang offers the kind of language that I always wanted! There is also a dictionary- you do not lose track of what’s going on. Or, while you’re chatting on Facebook or MSN with a native speaker, you do not have to say “Sorry, I do not understand what you say”. Here is an online internet slang dictionary. It works quite well, at least for a non-native speaker like me 🙂

You just type the abbreviation of words and click “Translate Slang”. In the box above this, you find the translated- generally long- version of it. There is also some quizes to test yourself 🙂

Everyday, new words are added to the glossary of internet slang. If you do not want to get alienate with this new fashion, just bookmark this page:

OMG! Our Facebook page is so popular!


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  1. Posted by Purnima Kundetkar on November 28, 2011 at 03:20

    All your articles are very interesting and informative…keep it up!!!!


  2. Very useful and practical enlightenment !!!!!!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting and helpful article!


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