How Did You Come Into Translation Business?

Recently, I have read a discussion on Linkedin which I find very interesting. This question was asked by Mohd. Shadab three months ago. We all came or are about to come into translation business in this or that way. For me, it was a chance. I did not mean to be translator but after university entrance exam, I just chose this department (Translation and Interpreting Studies). Now, I am quite happy because I discovered my talent about languages. Above all, I love playing with words and using different languages. Now I will paste some of the answers that fellow translators gave to this questions. You can join the discussion by clicking the link below:

-“Choice. I really like working with words.”

– “By accident. My background is software engineering, but I always had a vast interest in languages, other cultures and traveling. During my work as an engineer I experienced the gap between engineers and translators/documentation. This fascinated me and I drove a change within this large medical device company to streamline those processes, which had a positive impact on the overall production. Since three years I am an independent consultant, having myself specialized in (visual) software localization. I am now able to combine engineering, languages and meeting very interesting people from all over the world.”

-“By choice, but it was a long process. As a language student, you often get told you should go for a career in international business or teaching. After trying different jobs, I know now there is nothing is like doing more than translating! I have finished my studies but I am still learning a lot everyday, and that’s a great feeling.”

-“Both. In college, I used to help my fellow students out with their English articles. I guess they spread the word as students from other faculties started calling.”

– “Ha… good question. Total accident for me. Moved to the US in 2000 and pretty much had to find work right away. A friend of mine got me an interview for a PM job at ILE (now Lionbridge) and I haven’t been able to get out of the industry since then 😉 Ended up doing a variety of functions (PM, sales, marketing, some translating, etc.) up to this day and it’s been a blast so far. ”
Really interesting to hear the different stories here!

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