Are you in Trouble with Online Dictionaries? Try these!

When you search “English dictionary” on Google, you have thousands of results but the question is how many of them are really useful and usable. As translators, it is important for us to see all the meanings and phrases about any word. Here are the dictionaries that are far better than the most.

The Free Dictionary

This is one of the most comprehensive dictionaries that you can find online. You see all the definitions, noun phrases, adjective phrases etc. You can also choose the type of the dictionary as legal, medical, literature… Try the free dictionary.

  The Word Reference

This is my favourite dictionary when I have some French homeworks. So far, I have only used French-English, English-French, Spanish-English, English-Spanish combinations and I love it. What I like most about this dictionary is the language forums. When you could not find the meaning of a specific phrase, you can always find them in forums. It never lets you down! Try the word reference.


This is the most popular online English dictionary in Turkey. It gives many meanings of a word; however, it has still a long way to go when compared to two others. Try tureng.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you Muge, that’s a very good tip.


  2. Posted by ali ottoman on August 3, 2011 at 14:25

    Hi Müge,
    thanks for launching this discussion which could turn out to be quite useful, and for the info.
    I didn’t know about your first choice. Is it an English-English dictionary?

    Otherwise I find Zargan quite useful for TR-EN
    Any suggestion for TR-FR?
    ali ottoman


    • Hello Ali,
      I sometimes use Zargan also, actually the owner of Zargan was my professor in the university 🙂 However, it needs to be enriched.
      Unfortunately, I did not find a good dictionary for TR-FR that’s why I suggest Word Reference strongly. It is ENG-FR but very broad and useful.
      Thanks for your comments. Keep following us!
      Kind regards,


  3. Hmm, not too sure about Word Reference. I find it useful but the suggestions in the forums are sometimes not to be trusted. Questios are sometimes answered by people who are just guessing and really don´t know what the correct translation is. Use it with a pinch of salt.


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