10 Words That are Misspelt Most

A couple of minutes ago, I have seen a link on Twitter. Thanks to Catherine Christaki (LinguaGreca), I discovered a website which is very funny and interesting. Here, I will write the words below; however after checking this out, you should definitely visit the website itself and see the funny drawings by The Oatmeal. Do you also misspell these words?

1- Lose / Loose

2- Weird / not “wierd”

3- Their / They’re / There (the pronouncations are tricky, aren’t they?)

4- Your / You’re

5- It’s / Its

6- Definitely / not “definetely”

7- Effect / Affect

8- Weather / Whether

9- Then / Than

10- A lot/ not “alot”

For the fantastic drawings, click here.


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