That’s What We Never Do


On january, Ms. Seren-Rosso  published a very funny and interesting article about the things that translators or translation companies should never do. What she wrote is exactly the opposite of what she means. As AIM, we never do the followings: 

1. Never plan in advance what to translate or when.

2. Don’t bother to test translation suppliers.

3. Once you’ve “selected” a supplier, keep him!

4. If overseas subsidiaries complain about your translated copy, ignore them.

5. Do not give your supplier background documents.

6. Keep your translator in the dark about what his work is for.

7. Avoid suppliers who specialize in your field.

8. Foster isolation.

9. Let your in-house staff criticize and change translated texts without consulting the supplier.

10. Wherever possible, entrust translation management to monolinguals with limited communication skills (e.g. purchasers).

For the whole article and explanations, click here.



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