Translators Without Borders

I think that translators are oen of the most important parties of the communication chain. We are responsible for sustaining the healthy communication especially when there is a disaster or when people really need us but they somehow can’t afford the service. Here is a very good organization, just watch the video. We can be part of this chain, can’t we?


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  1. I was quite surprised to see the wording used in this article. Apparently the idea of a “translation chain” is very interesting …. it was actually a colleague of mine who came up with this unique idea which will be aimed at spreading important humanitarian messages by using the valuable work of translators – the chain will start this week end – Hope you will join!


    • Hello,
      The idea is quit interesting. As you have said, translators and our network hold a very big potential in their hands. We may make use of it, can’t we?


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