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We continue to introduce useful softwares for translators. Last week, we published an article about AnyCount which is a very popular word count software. Translation agencies or freelance translators who have many customers and projects find it hard to manage them all. Luckily we do not have to do it all manually. There are a lot of good softwares which manage your customers and projects, organize your workflow and make it easy to share data and files. We have picked a software for you: Projetex. You can find some general points from their website:

1) Reliable database platform and ability to provide concurrent access

Projetex is built using reliable Firebird server engine, with ability for multiple employees to access and work with database from a number of workstations via LAN or Internet. Such architecture provides ultimate data security and integrity, and allows you to implement customizable access rights to different areas of database for different users.

2) Automatic file management

All project, expert and client-related files are stored in automatically organized and labeled set of folders, created with a single click. Projetex 8 uses own file sharing and synchronization system, which does not require configuring of any additional folder sharing settings on your server PC. Projetex 8 has two sets of files: on local machines and on a server computer and you can easily share all your files between project managers and translators. All corporate workflow documents are saved using fully customizable .rtf templates for future reference. No information can be misplaced or lost in Projetex.

3) Data import

Importing Client and Freelancer data is supported for accommodation of transferring information to Projetex from Microsoft Excel (.XLS), dBASE (.DBF), text files (.TXT), Comma Separated Values (.CSV) and Microsoft Access (.MDB) with the help of Projetex Import Utility. However big is your database — it can quickly and easily be transferred to Projetex with just a few clicks!

4) Advanced search and data filter options

Every page in Projetex is equipped with advanced search tools like Local Custom Filter and Global Date Filter. With the help of Local Custom Filter it is possible to search any information on current page using fully customizable search parameters, including data range («between») and logical characteristics («not null»). Global Date filter will filter out any information valid for certain time period on all the pages.

5) Optimized work with freelance experts

Using Projetex a user can create an extensive shared database of experts, easily customizable with custom fields were additional reference information can be stored. Single click search of freelancers by field of expertise, price, last project completed, and so on. It is possible to works with multiple currencies unique for every freelancer.

Download a free 30-day trial and give it a try!

For more information, click here.


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