The Importance of Translation Company Choice

The third part of our new article series: Translation mistakes.

We continue with Adam Wooten who is vice president at a well-known translation and localization company. The translation mistakes are generally funny… With the developments in machine translation technology, more and more people resort to Google Translate (or to similar softwares) for everyday texts and phrases. However,  when the text has some nuances, machine translation “always” requires double-check. You should choose your translation company well if you do not want to be cheated by a simple machine translation. Adam Wooten says: ” When the text has important implications in law, finance or marketing, the results (of machine translation) can be terribly costly”.

“Potential customers reading marketing materials may get the gist of a translation, but successful marketing text usually needs to convey more than just a general idea. Wayne Bourland, a senior manager on Dell’s global localization team, noted, in a recent usability study conducted in Germany, Dell observed that… “buyers who needed to form an emotional connection as part of the purchasing process were both distracted and disappointed by translation errors.”

When a Moscow-based marketing firm asked my company to review some previously translated marketing Web pages, we had to tell the company it paid a lot of money for what was actually a very crude machine translation. If this marketing company and its clients had expected machine translation, the news would have been acceptable. Unfortunately, the firm and its customers were expecting high-quality translations that captured the nuances of the original marketing text. The need to pay for a complete retranslation by professional human translators was a bitter pill to swallow.”

For the original article, click here.


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  1. Hi, I hopped over to your website from mixx. It’s not blog post I would typically read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thank you for making a piece worth reading!


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