Making Sure Brand Messages Aren’t Lost In Translation (Part #2)

Today, we publish the second part of the article by Elizabeth Elting who is the co-founder of TransPerfect Company. Crain’s New York Business has ranked TransPerfect as one of the largest privately held companies, as well as one of the largest women-owned companies, seven years in a row. This article focuses on the quality website translation, localization and international search engine optimization (ISEO). It is a pretty long article but we would like to publish part by part.


Part #2:  ISEO must evolve alongside international social media strategies.

International search marketing requires meaningful and fresh content that is keyword-specific. It demands descriptive tagging, rich media, social media distribution, and internal and external links. There is little value in going live with a website that is not optimized with these needs in mind. Only when international SEO and design are done in conjunction can a business be certain that customers will find it online.
For example, a young person in one part of the world may search for shoes using a slang term, such as, “tennis shoes,” “sneakers,” or “kicks,” not the literal translation of the English words. Furthermore, there are different search engines in different part of the world, such as the dominant Chinese search engine, Baidu, that will use an algorithm vastly different from Google’s to serve up results.
This is one reason why enterprises must adopt an integrated approach to ISEO that determines the right wording and creates consistent, relevant messages in ads, landing pages, social media posts and search engine marketing.

For the full article, click here.

For more information about the author of this article, click here.


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