Making Sure Brand Messages Aren’t Lost In Translation (Part #1)


Here is a very helpful article by Elizabeth Elting who is the co-founder of TransPerfect Company. Crain’s New York Business has ranked TransPerfect as one of the largest privately held companies, as well as one of the largest women-owned companies, seven years in a row. This article focuses on the quality website translation, localization and international search engine optimization (ISEO). It is a pretty long article but we would like to publish part by part.

Part #1: Every word counts.

This is certainly true on a website, but the importance of word choice is magnified as businesses condense the content of their communication. Twitter’s strict length parameters, for example make every word choice a critical one. Translating for this kind of platform requires not only timesaving software solutions, but seasoned human translators, as well.

Multi-language tweets can be a valuable tool in numerous communities around the world, but 140 characters in English do not neatly translate into 140 characters in Spanish, for example. A proven translation solution is a must for any company eager to take advantage of the direct customer communication possible on social media platforms.

For the full article, click here.

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  1. You post great articles Just bookmarked !!!


    • Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your praise. In future, we will post our own articles besides the articles by professional translators or localization experts. We all want to contribute to the industry, don’t we? You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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