New Rules of the Road for Global Online Marketing Campaigns

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News flash. Online ads in India perform better when written in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other regional languages compared to English creatives! Apparently these localized ads attract more internet users, according to a survey by Ozone Media and reportedin the Economic Times.

If that wasn’t surprising enough, the study also found that resident Indians respond to regional language ads 30% more compared to English ads.

Pardon the tongue-in-check tone, but what is really surprising is that companies seeking to go global must learn the same lessons over and over again, with each new generation of technology. The absolute necessity of translating anything marketing related – or customer facing as well – into a local language complete with local expressions, culturally-sensitive images, along with a grasp of the region’s history, manners and attitudes has been long established. All that remains is learning what these habits are and tapping the correct resources to execute the campaign according to local custom. Which in itself is hardly an easy feat, of course.

To be fair, new technology – a category that does include online marketing – requires a review of the basics so they can be adopted to these new-to-the-scene tools and practices.


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